Your actor’s toolkit: Headshots, Resume, Demo Reel, Website, Platforms

So if you want to be an actor or actress in L.A. you gotta have a lot of things in your toolbox:

1- HEADSHOT: This is a photo of you that will be sent out to Casting Directors, Producers, Agents and Managers. That means, IT HAS TO BE A GOOD ONE. There are a lot of good headshot photographers out there. Do your research, don’t go with the cheapest and ask around!

2- RESUME: A resume in the U.S. is different to the ones we have in Europe. So check out my next post about that!

3- TRAINING: In the U.S. people love to see that you have constant training on your resume. PLUS: It should be with a teacher that is well-known. Nobody cares about: Siggi Königsberg being your teacher in Austria or Germany (Sorry to Siggi Königsberg if this is a real person, I just made it up). Go for the big names: Ivana Chubbuck, Annie Grindlay, Margie Haber, Groundlings, UCB, Killian’s Workshop etc. You’ll be hearing more about those in the next weeks. Fact is: You have to be in training and you have to do it here! People want to see names on the resume they know, they respect and having worked with! So save up some money and go to classes! It will pay off!

4-DEMO REEL: You have to have a demo reel that shows off the type of roles you are suited for and your talent. If you can sing, sing in one scene. If you can dance, stage fight etc. do that! If you can do certain languages or accents feature that in a scene. But most important of all: Show what your type is (not what you would love that your type would be) and keep it 3 min in total, not longer!

5- WEBSITE: You need a website. Period.

6- PLATFORMS: There are several platforms you have to be on. If not, you’re not in the game. On these platforms you can self-submit for roles or your agent or managers submits for you. The most important ones are: Imdb (get an imdb pro account), L.A. Casting, Actors Access, Castingfrontier (for commercials).

These are the things you have to have as an actor! So better start going!