Where to live best in L.A.

L.A. offers a variety of areas you can really enjoy staying at. From an apartment close to the beach or a house in the Hollywood Hills. Whatever you prefer most, you can get it. As an actor you might also look for a place somewhere that is close […]

Parking in L.A.

Having a car in L.A. is indispensable. But when it comes down to parking, you sometimes wish you could just magically crumple it to a size as big as a smartphone to put it in your carry-on bag. Parking in L.A. is very stressful. First of all American […]

Being humble kills

What I had to learn instantly when I arrived in L.A., is that you can’t be humble in this town! You gotta show off your talent otherwise you might not get the one chance you’re hoping for. As a European you learn to be humble, not being a […]

The Elevator pitch

However you want to break into the industry, one of the main things you have to have in your pocket is an elevator pitch. So let’s pretend you’re accidentally bumping into a casting director/producer/director or investor and you miraculously have his attention. You’re probably thinking: “Oh my god, […]

About auditioning

So today I have two auditions, one theatrical and one commercial. I am excited and I am learning lines right now. As an actor you have to accept your profession as merely being auditioning than acting.  Therefore we are “auditioners” in first place, the acting comes later. Or […]