Submitting yourself to projects is fundamentally important. If you have no agent or manager who is doing that for you this is obviously¬† a no-brainer. But let’s pretend for a second you’ve just got an agent or a manager. First of all: Congrats! Second: Don’t stop submitting yourself! […]

The L.A. car issue

Living in L.A. equals driving in L.A. So if you are moving to L.A. the first thing you need to get is a car! Your car will be your best friend, your lover, your date for the day or if things get worse even your bed sometimes. You […]


As an actress you can book a lot of different genres. To maybe give you some inspiration for submitting, here is a list of what’s out there: soaps sit-coms dramatic series commercials mini-series voice-overs music videos feature films equity plays non-equity plays industrials, training films print work