If your car gets towed or doesn’t start

As your car is your best friend in L.A. you sometimes get into a not-so-comfortable situation when it comes down to it.Here are some practical infos about some emergency situations concerning your car in L.A. (I have experienced them all and can gladly say they work) If your […]

Your social media

As an actress, model or filmmaker your social media is more important than you think it might be. In today’s entertainment industry it’s not just about your looks, your headshot, resume, demo reel, website and all your other marketing tools – no! – People really ask about your […]

The power of “YES”

We often wonder around and ask ourselves, why things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. Well, that’s first of all LIFE. Second of all it’s mostly because we have very fixed ideas about life that probably won’t even be good anyways and life just […]

How to market your script

As I am not only an actress but a filmmaker, I want to help you guys out as well with all the filmmaking stuff that is going on here in Hollywood. One of the major problems with scripts for instance is not you having failed to write a […]

How to make Casting Directors happy

I just found a great article by Stefan Frackowiak about how to please Casting Directors so I am gonna share it with you guys. Here it is: 21 things to make casting directors happy Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on us. Your […]