People sometimes say. “Oh, she was lucky to get that part, or he was so lucky to get that job.” Here is a thought to clarify: Luck is an attitude.

If you are constantly worrying about if you ever got that part or that job or you are upset that other people get the jobs you wanted, you will never get those very same jobs.

Your thoughts in your head even tell you, that you won’t ever get them.

So what to do?

Let go of your negative way of thinking! Let go of the many “what if’s” in your life and be happy for your friends to being successful and achieving their goals. Just with raising your energy and thought process in a positive way you will get there too.

And here is another thing to consider: Having a healthy attitude is one thing. But you also have to work for your goals! A manager friend of mine says it very clearly: Don’t be upset about the career you don’t have because of the work you haven’t done.

That pretty much says everything. You have to have a healthy attitude towards your goals and you have to work for it – very hard- but if you really want it you will get there!

So stop talking about luck. Luck is the sum of = a healthy attitude and preparation or in other terms Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.