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Submitting yourself to projects is fundamentally important. If you have no agent or manager who is doing that for you this is obviously¬† a no-brainer. But let’s pretend for a second you’ve just got an agent or a manager. First of all: Congrats! Second: Don’t stop submitting yourself! […]


As an actress you can book a lot of different genres. To maybe give you some inspiration for submitting, here is a list of what’s out there: soaps sit-coms dramatic series commercials mini-series voice-overs music videos feature films equity plays non-equity plays industrials, training films print work

The Elevator pitch

However you want to break into the industry, one of the main things you have to have in your pocket is an elevator pitch. So let’s pretend you’re accidentally bumping into a casting director/producer/director or investor and you miraculously have his attention. You’re probably thinking: “Oh my god, […]