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People sometimes say. “Oh, she was lucky to get that part, or he was so lucky to get that job.” Here is a thought to clarify: Luck is an attitude. If you are constantly worrying about if you ever got that part or that job or you are […]

The power of “YES”

We often wonder around and ask ourselves, why things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. Well, that’s first of all LIFE. Second of all it’s mostly because we have very fixed ideas about life that probably won’t even be good anyways and life just […]

Being humble kills

What I had to learn instantly when I arrived in L.A., is that you can’t be humble in this town! You gotta show off your talent otherwise you might not get the one chance you’re hoping for. As a European you learn to be humble, not being a […]

Be my Valentine’s <3

Today is Valentine’s day and I decided to write a post to let you know that  I am not only thinking about the people in my close environment but also about you, guys, who are following me on this journey. For today I have a little treat for […]