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How to learn lines

Here it is…the BIG L….lines. I know, it’s sometimes really tough especially learning your lines when you a) have no time b) your scene partner’s lines are not really giving you a hint on what you will say next and c) you don’t understand what you’re saying (for […]


People sometimes say. “Oh, she was lucky to get that part, or he was so lucky to get that job.” Here is a thought to clarify: Luck is an attitude. If you are constantly worrying about if you ever got that part or that job or you are […]

Your social media

As an actress, model or filmmaker your social media is more important than you think it might be. In today’s entertainment industry it’s not just about your looks, your headshot, resume, demo reel, website and all your other marketing tools – no! – People really ask about your […]

How to make Casting Directors happy

I just found a great article by Stefan Frackowiak about how to please Casting Directors so I am gonna share it with you guys. Here it is: 21 things to make casting directors happy Casting directors are your advocates and your champions. Your work reflects on us. Your […]