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Networking – the number 1 to-do

Living and working in L.A. means networking. You can be the best possible writer, actor, filmmaker etc. – If nobody knows you, you won’t get on the big screen. Los Angeles is all about who you know and whom you can build great relationships with. And eventually there […]

Self-esteem and self-worth

I am working on a book that is supposed to help women of all ages overcome their constant inner self doubting. We, women, tend to always seek the faulty spot in ourselves. If something’s not working out or is not good enough, we are not good enough. We […]

Set Rules & Terms

I have gone undercover for you guys to get an insider’s perspective on the language on set. Not as an actress, but as a member of the crew behind the camera. American Sets are different than German and Austrian sets. First of all because of the different terms […]

How to obtain a CA driver license

If you are from a different country and you want to live in California permanently or for longer than just a visit, you will eventually need to obtain a Californian driver license. It is pretty simple to get one, you just have to take your time to do: […]

How to learn lines

Here it is…the BIG L….lines. I know, it’s sometimes really tough especially learning your lines when you a) have no time b) your scene partner’s lines are not really giving you a hint on what you will say next and c) you don’t understand what you’re saying (for […]


People sometimes say. “Oh, she was lucky to get that part, or he was so lucky to get that job.” Here is a thought to clarify: Luck is an attitude. If you are constantly worrying about if you ever got that part or that job or you are […]