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Networking – the number 1 to-do


Living and working in L.A. means networking. You can be the best possible writer, actor, filmmaker etc. – If nobody knows you, you won’t get on the big screen.

Los Angeles is all about who you know and whom you can build great relationships with. And eventually there might be a chance given to you through these relationships.

So what you have to learn here, is to connect with people. Different from most countries in Europe (like Austria or Germany) you can really talk to people on the streets and exchange contacts in California. You can meet somebody in a café and give them your business card and it’s not weird. Because everybody is working in the same industry, people really want to connect.

A great way to do so, is to go to networking events:

Yesterday night I was invited to a mixing event with an industry panel discussion in Beverly Hills, called MixKnowledgy. Organized by industry professionals Erman Baradi and Brandon Waites and hosted by the charming Erika De La Cruz, the event gave visitors an insight in the entertainment industry and the tricks of the trade.

From working actors to entertainment lawyers, managers, agents, publicists to producers and writers – the speakers were a nice mix of everything and talked about the various fields of the industry.

Talent Representation: Entertainment Lawyer Jeff Bernstein, Manager Jason Barrett, Agent Carter Cohn, Manager Ashley Josephson and Publicist Jennifer Abel were talking about how to build your perfect team for your career.

“From Script to the Screen” showed Associate Producer of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” Simon Hatt,  Writer and Co-Executive Producer on Fox’s Lucifer Sheri Elwood and Executive Producer Leigh Savidge from “Straight Outta Compton” sharing their experiences in film and TV development.

They all resonated when talking about the inner qualities a person in the industry must have: No matter if you want to be an actor, writer, director, producer or agent; you have to love what you are doing and be persistent. Many of the speakers have experienced rejection as well and had a moment of self-doubt in their career where they wanted to quit. But what made them successful in what they were doing, was the commitment and desire to achieve their goals, even in hard times.

This is something I can just support. I also had times in my career where I was not sure if I was doing the right thing. I felt that I was not doing “enough”, I was not “successful” enough and therefore questioned my choices. But these are phases and they pass. So, if you are committed and you love what you are doing, believe in the fact (yes, it will be a fact), that you are gonna be successful.

Another original advice to all writers out there from Exec. Producer Leigh Savidge : Keep writing, even if you suck!

At some point you will get better, and then you might have “the” script that will elevate your career.

So, never give up!




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