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Self-esteem and self-worth


I am working on a book that is supposed to help women of all ages overcome their constant inner self doubting. We, women, tend to always seek the faulty spot in ourselves. If something’s not working out or is not good enough, we are not good enough. We always try to isolate the reason in ourselves. But sometimes it’s just the way it is in life and we basically can’t do anything against it.

Boys are mostly different (of course there is always an exception to the rule). They tend to be super chill about almost everything – or at least that’s what we think. What do we do wrong that we are always trying to solve the problem in ourselves?

As an actor in particular this self-doubting is even more supported by our daily life. Driving from one audition to another, hearing the same words: “Thank you” but no callback as often as we change our underwear is something that lets our self-worth go way down the little rabbit-hole of self-destruction.

So here is a tip for all the self-doubting actors out there: STOP!

All those Casting Directors, Directors and Producers already do this job for you!

A healthy attitude towards your strengths and weaknesses is never wrong, but stop bullying yourself for “not being good enough”. Better start changing if something really bothers you: If you gained too much weight in the last weeks, go work out and change your diet. If your dancing, acting, singing, dialect etc. skills are poorly trained, go train! Don’t just stay at home and pity yourself. It doesn’t help you or anybody around you.  Taking action makes you the person you want to be. So better start now, and make the change you want to see in yourself. And while this is happening, cut yourself some slack and stop doubting your great self!





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