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How to obtain a CA driver license


If you are from a different country and you want to live in California permanently or for longer than just a visit, you will eventually need to obtain a Californian driver license.

It is pretty simple to get one, you just have to take your time to do:

1 – First you will need to download the DMV official Handbook:

2 – After having read the handbook and learning the important information for the written test have a look at sample of tests to become familiar with the types of questions they will ask:

3 – Go to the closest DMV office in your area and make an appointment for the written test.

Here is the official website:

3 – Go to the DMV office, fill in the paper work, have your passport and visa documents ready (especially a printed copy of your I-94) and make the written test. You will have to take a photo first, give them your finger prints and then you can go to one of the computer booths to start your test. Read through the instructions carefully and take your time to read the questions thoroughly. You can skip 3 questions that might come back later. Good luck!

4 – If you have passed the test, you can schedule an appointment for the practical test.

5 – Arrive to your practical test on time with the paper they gave you after you accomplished your written test.

6 – The PRACTICAL TEST: First the DMV officer will go around your car, you will have to push the brakes and flash your lights to show him that everything is working properly (Tip: Fill your tires with enough air before you go to the test, so this will be no problem!), Then you will have to show him how the hand signals work (shown in the driver’s handbook). And then let the driving test begin! Be careful, always obey to any traffic rules that apply and always stop in front of a stop line, not at it. (Yes, it makes a difference!)

7 – If you have passed the test, you will have to get back into the office and get your paperwork done.

8 – Your CA drivers license will arrive in the mail. Yeah!

Good luck!




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