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If your car gets towed or doesn’t start


As your car is your best friend in L.A. you sometimes get into a not-so-comfortable situation when it comes down to it.Here are some practical infos about some emergency situations concerning your car in L.A. (I have experienced them all and can gladly say they work)

If your car doesn’t start: If you get to your car and want to drive to an audition (as I did) and suddenly your car doesn’t start, you might be furious, anxious or even just frustrated. What helps is the following:

  • ask somebody to jump start your car (a neighbour, a friend)
  • get an uber to your audition and deal with the problem later
  • if you don’t find anybody call and you want to deal with the problem instantly, do the following: Get a AAA membership

AAA (Triple A): 877 368 0231

It’s about 25$ per year and can save yourself a lot of trouble. You can call them even during the emergency and just start your membership right away. You have to give them your details (have your credit card number ready to pay your first payment) and then just ask for help. They will send somebody to tow your car or jump start it for free. If the car doesn’t start after jump starting, they can tow you to the closest garage near your home.

If your car gets towed: If you are walking out of your apartment and your car is magically gone as it happened to me a couple of weeks ago, there is two things that could have happened: 1. it got towed or got stolen.

To find out which of the two scenarios really happened, you can call the L.A. Police Department West Traffic Division:
213 – 473 – 0222

They can tell you if your car got towed and will give you the address and number of the tow company your car is currently stationed.

Have your credit card or cash ready, it is about 275$ for the towing company + weeks later you will get a 68$ fee for parking violation per mail. Call the tow company and head over to their office to pay the fee. Once you filled out the paperwork, you can get your car back.

Within 10 days you can plea against it if you want to or you just suck it up and give it a second look at the parking signs when you park somewhere the next time.



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