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As an actress, model or filmmaker your social media is more important than you think it might be. In today’s entertainment industry it’s not just about your looks, your headshot, resume, demo reel, website and all your other marketing tools – no! – People really ask about your instagram page or twitter followers in the audition room. As funny as that sounds, take a quick look at this, why it makes perfectly sense:
Having a facebook fan page draws the image of you being a “real” working professional in the industry who can create fans on your behalf.

Having an instagram profile with uploaded photos of you as a person and as a professional gives industry people the opportunity to see you apart from your perfectly lit headshot and can sometimes give them a better idea of the person you are behind your brand (or can even give a better and more acurate picture of your brand as well).

Sharing posts on twitter and generating followers (as on facebook and instagram) shows the world and industry people that you are an opinion leader. You have the power to influence other people with your posts. Let’s say you post about a film, a product or an event, your followers will possibly click at that link, google it to know what you are talking about or even buy the products you’re talking about because they trust you and your opinion. This is a goldmine for industry people (when I use this term I am talking about Business People, Salespeople, Casting Directors, Producers and everybody else who wants to make money with you). They all see your value increasing with your increasing followers.

If you also have a youtube channel with 10K views and so and such many subscribers industry people tend to hire you more likely than a person without social media. Why? Because if you will – let’s say – play a part in their movie or model for their brand they will get all your followers as potential audience or buyers. Does that make sense? Oh, hell yeah, it does! It’s the same essential idea with getting an B or C List celebrity on board on your movie project (if you can’t affort the A list actor). That guarantees you all their fans to watch the movie for sure!

To put it all into a nutshell: Your social media is tremendously important if you are a striving actor or filmmaker. Create content and followers! It helps you with your own projects and to possibly getting hired over a no-name.

Another important info about social media: Not only be the person to be followed, follow other people especially Casting Directors, Production Companies and Plattforms such as Actors Access, L.A. Casting and Backstage Magazine. They all post on their social media (often before they post the available roles on their page). Many of them also twitter useful information on how to auditioning for the part.

So go cyber-networking today. If it won’t pay off today, it will probably tomorrow.

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