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The power of “YES”


We often wonder around and ask ourselves, why things don’t turn out the way we want them to be. Well, that’s first of all LIFE.

Second of all it’s mostly because we have very fixed ideas about life that probably won’t even be good anyways and life just tells us: No, girl/boy! Go a different way! This won’t make you happy.

Well. Now you could say: But I REALLY want to win in the lottery or get my dream job or drive an Aston Martin (no product placement intended). I get that. But there is a reason why you don’t win in the lottery, why you don’t get this particular job or can afford an Aston Martin or any other fancy car you want to drive.

It’s not that life tells you to *** yourself. It just gives you what you deserve. And with “deserving” I don’t mean that some of us deserve a fancy car and some don’t. It’s what you are radiating. If you believe that you deserve a fancy car or your dream job you will probably at some point get it. Not because you worked harder (which you still should!) but because you, your attitude and your firm believe put it out in the universe.

If you feel that you lack something like money or a fancy car, a job or any other things in the world, the universe will respond to that and will let you lack even more. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So what to do?

It’s hard to stop “lacking something”, because you obviously don’t have what you want, right?

Yes and No. If you don’t change your attitude you probably won’t change your situation either. Also trying to forcing yourself to “believe” something different, won’t help either. Because it is your subconciousness that has to be convinced by your new attitude of plenty. In order to get to the point where you not only think that you really ARE wealthy (even without the dream car and dream job), you really need to believe it, and that means letting go of your frustration and constant panicking about money, jealousy about other people that possess more or are in a higher position than you are. Meditating helps, going hiking too, writing down what really bugs you and ending your text with the words “I let it go.” helps too. Find your way to let go of your negative emotions in yourself and start embracing the positive things in life, even the smallest things like the smile of your cashier at the Target counter (again no product placement intended).

Let go of your negative attitude towards your life – there are a lot of people out there who do worse than you. Go do something good for instance! Help a homeless person with a meal or assist an old lady with their grocery shopping bags. Do something good and you will see that you have a fulfilled life (even without the car). And maybe then the car will come at some point – because you manifested it.

Another important thing is to say: YES

Say “YES” to opportunities! So often we say no, because we are afraid or don’t want to step out of our comfort zone. Say “YES” and experience how your life will change in a bit. New chances, new people and new experiences are waiting for you! Go make them happen!


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