Leonardo Di Caprio’s Academy Award


Finally he made it. That’s what so many people thought when sitting at home or in a bar watching the Academy Awards last Sunday. I was in a bar with a friend and we both were surprised by the sudden burst of cheers after Leonardo Di Caprio was finally finally finally given his first Academy Award. It was a long way though.

And that made me thinking. So this guy, Leo, he at some point made up his mind to become an actor (he was a child back then) and ever since had pursued that goal. He had to work hard for his career even though this guy started out very young and many of us haven’t (I started out as a child but no, you can’t really call that serious acting playing in school plays in a small town in Austria, or could you?) Well, everybody is starting out somehow, so…

So what am I trying to say? This guy made a decision. He would dedicate everything he had in pursuing his dream. And with enough persistence, the right mind-set (and of course talent but that’s not the biggest part of any acting career unfortunately) he made it. He hit it big time. But still didn’t get that one recognition he was longing for (and everybody else was too). It took him a five times nomination to finally receiving one of these little golden statues.

Many people argue that Leo shouldn’t have won an Oscar for his appearance in the “Revenant” (I am actually one of those people, I still feel that there were other roles and movies he had deserved it more, but anyways, he deserves it). But I don’t want to discuss whether or not he deserved it. That’s irrelevant. It’s the fact that he just kept going and never gave up that made him win that Oscar. After having been nominated five times and always have gone home empty-handed he could have been: “F*** that sh***!” But he didn’t. He tried to find the best possible projects to work on, the most interesting roles to grow as an actor and artist. So chapeau for Leonardo Di Caprio of being persistent as hell!

So if you feel like you want to throw your actor’s hat into the trash can sometimes, do it for a second but get it out there a second later and work your butt off. It will pay off eventually. Just trust in your talents, but mostly rely on your inner drive! It will lead you to your dream career!

Cheers to persistence!