Submitting yourself to projects is fundamentally important. If you have no agent or manager who is doing that for you this is obviously  a no-brainer. But let’s pretend for a second you’ve just got an agent or a manager.

First of all: Congrats!

Second: Don’t stop submitting yourself! Your agent is your partner not your mum. He works to get you in front of Casting Directors, producers and directors. But he can’t do all the work for you! You still have to self-submit in order to raise your chances to book a gig. I am going out on auditions for things my agent has submitted me for and some I did. It’s team work, so act like a team player. Besides you show your agent that you are proactive and want to take your career on the next level!

There are several platforms you have to be on when you are an actor or actress in L.A.:

These are the most important ones. I’d suggest you subscribe to imdbpro. You will be charged a year, but it’s worth it. The others are free. Actors Access charges for your photos and demo reel, but that’s just a thing to suck up.

On all of these plattforms there’s also a breakdown service you can subscribe to or look up any time you want to. It shows you the current vacant roles in your area. Just click on the ones that suit your profile (some plattforms let you search via particular details so you can narrow them down to the roles that are 100% suited for you) and then just submit! It’s easy and you and your agent/manager will love you for that!



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