Extra work – not glamorous but it pays the bills


Background work is a great way to pay your bills and learn more about the industry. Apart from that many people that were booked as extras were picked to being speaking roles on set in commercials, movies and TV. Different than in Europe where you shouldn’t do background work if you are a serious actor, extra work is a great opportunity to step up your game in the U.S.

Try the following agencies to get some background work booked:

  • Central Casting: It’s huge and it does most of the background casting for TV & film. That’s why you have to get to the admission office around 3-5am in order to getting a ticket at 8:30 am to eventually getting into the building. (not joking!)
  • Empire Casting: They are much smaller, but just recently did all the background work for Ben Affleck’s new movie
  • Commercial casting agencies: If you are an extra and are elected to speak a sentence you can all of the sudden raise your daily rate from let’s say 200$ to 20.000$. So better get on board! There are several out there.

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