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Where to live best in L.A.

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L.A. offers a variety of areas you can really enjoy staying at. From an apartment close to the beach or a house in the Hollywood Hills. Whatever you prefer most, you can get it. As an actor you might also look for a place somewhere that is close to your acting classes and auditions. Most of the major studios are in Burbank and Studio City. Even though you would be close I wouldn’t suggest Burbank because there’s basically not much going on there. But you can choose a district that is close to it.

There are a lot of different opinions about to where to live best out there, but here is my list:

  • West Hollywood: It’s in the centre of Los Angeles, which makes it very easily accessible to any other part you may have to go to for an audition. It’s a very hip area with Melrose Ave being one of the busiest and coolest streets there. A lot of shops, a lot of lifestyle!
  • Hollywood Hills: (In the upper part of the green Hollywood area) The hills are nice because everything is still accessible but you also have nature in front of your doorstep. If you live close to Griffith Parc you can go for a walk up the hills and driving into the city on the very same day. It’s quiet with a lot of nature but still also some nightlife e.g. on Franklyn Ave.
  • Downtown: The core of L.A., Downtown was not a place to be a couple of years ago but it started to becoming an up and coming trendy area. You can easily walk from your apartment to everywhere you want to go: a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar but street parking is horrible (there are a lot of parking lots though). Downtown combines the lifestyle of a small “New York” with a lot of murals. There are great places to hang out there! One tip: You can go to any hotel you like to and hang out on their pool as long as you want to (if you’re ordering a drink or something)!
  • Venice: It’s the place to be if you are a surfer. Period.
  • Santa Monica: It’s north to Venice but definitely more upscale. If you can afford it it’s a great place to stay.
  • Silverlake & Los Feliz: These to districts are very up and coming and nice chill areas!

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