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Being humble kills


What I had to learn instantly when I arrived in L.A., is that you can’t be humble in this town! You gotta show off your talent otherwise you might not get the one chance you’re hoping for.

As a European you learn to be humble, not being a show off, being proud  but secretly proud about your accomplishments and always trying to make them seem smaller as they really are. I don’t know why we get raised like that. Nothing’s wrong about being really proud of what you’ve achieved. So be proud!

There is a difference in showing  and showing off your work, of being self confident and arrogant. We know that the second one will not serve any goods, but the first is what every one of really should do: Show your work and be self confident about that! Don’t hide, show the world that you are an incredibly unique artist! There is no other artist that is like you! So, hell, yeah, be proud of that!



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