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Be prepared for your opportunities


No matter if you are in L.A. or any other city in the world, you as an actor look out for opportunities. You want to work, you want to get out there. But what if you get the chance but you are not ready because you haven’t put the work in your craft that you should? As tough it sounds, nobody waits for you doing your job. So do your job NOW!

You have to be ready when opportunity hits you! So better be prepared.

When do you know that you’re ready? When you feel comfortable in showing off everything you have – may it be your demo reel, your headshots, resume or improv skills in the very moment people ask you to. You have to be eager to show off your talent and not feeling scared or “not being ready yet”.

What do you have to do in order to feel ready?

  1. Training: Constant training is a must! I know, you would like to save some money in skipping this chapter. But trust me, you can’t! Even if you have trained at an acting conservatory as I did. You have to be in training so you are able to access your emotional range and improv skills instantly!
  2. Watch others: Apart from learning from your acting class mates you can always rely on a good TV series or movie when wanting to learn more about the craft. Netflix, Hulu and the internet per se makes this very easy for you.
  3. Act! I know that’s self-evident too. But it’s just what it is. In order to be good and become better you have to really act. Of course, you don’t book a series regular role every month, but in today’s times you can basically just do everything on your own: So put up a play, do a short movie or submit for student project to get the experience and be in constant training.

You have to be the best actor you possibly can in this very moment. Then and only then you are really prepared for any opportunity that might come on your way.



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