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About auditioning


So today I have two auditions, one theatrical and one commercial. I am excited and I am learning lines right now.

As an actor you have to accept your profession as merely being auditioning than acting.  Therefore we are “auditioners” in first place, the acting comes later. Or you could even call us “networkers” because that’s what we’re also mainly doing.

Auditions are the crucial point where you can either get a foot in the door or not. Still it’s better to see the audition as an opportunity to grow and just tell a great story through a great character than to trying to be “good” and “getting the part”. The people we are playing in films, TV or in plays don’t “play nice”, they are. They don’t pretend of “hating somebody”, they do. Your initial goal in an audition is to tell the story through your genuin character, the “getting the part” will come when you just follow this simple rule:

“RELAX, you are as great as you are. Now focus on telling a great story with using your own body, mind and emotion to just being the person who is gonna tell this particular story!”

That’s all you need to know in an audition. Everything else is brainwrecking you.

So, go ahead! Find the way that best works for you. Ever since I started to seeing it like that, every new audition seemed a gift to me, not a burden. It offers opportunities, not causing anxiousness.




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