Feel good treats

As easy breezy as the sea OR the breakfast burrito

WP_20160221_18_04_04_ProToday I was on a boat floating around Marina del Rey. It was fun though I got seasick at some point. And I started to wonder: “Is this how it is in life?” You are shipping on a little boat (well, okay, it was not so little…but for the sake of this metaphor let’s just pretend for a second) while the waves are giving you a hard time remaining stable. At some point you might lean over the railings to get rid of your breakfast burrito but in the end you’ll enjoy the sun and the open water? Is this my life?

I would say: “Yeah, basically, it is.” There are times when stuff’s not working out or stinks but while this is happening I am still enjoying the ride. And sometimes the sun shines even brighter on you and you much more enjoy the great things that are happening to you.

I wanted to tell you that, because we sometimes  just forget that people we are reading about or watching on screen have those bad times too. Nobody is just feeling good all the time, and nobody’s just feeling bad all the time. Although I was seasick today I was feeling so happy and satisfied with how my life is working out right now. And this is something ever one of us should feel everyday. No matter what obstacle we have to overcome, what tough days or weeks we have to tackle, we should always feel from our true inner self that everything’s still good.


So let’s have a great journey together! 🙂


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