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The BIG M & A – Managers & Agents


If you come to L.A. as an actor you come to a point where those two words are inevitable to confront yourself with: MANAGERS and AGENTS.

They are a part of the great big puzzle that eventually gets you jobs. So how does this work?

Managers and Agents get the official breakdowns of vacant roles they can submit their clients for. We actors do get some breakdowns but we can only go so far for what is out there and is handled as “being accessible to everybody”. Of course not every project will just go to platforms such as L.A. Casting, Actors Access, Castingfrontier or Backstage.

So how does it work again? Once you sign with an agent/manager they will submit you for roles they think you’re suitable for. They will get you in the room with Casting Directors, producers and directors and definitely have more chances to get you seen as you have on self-submitting on your own. They usually charge you 10-20% of your fees depending if it’s for a commercial or theatrical job. So if you don’t earn any money, they won’t get any either. Here’s the thing: If they don’t think they can sell you to CDs (Casting Directors) they probably won’t sign you. But every agency is different. You never know – some might look for a blonde guy, some may look for a brown-haired girl. As an actor you have to find yourself an agent or manager via auditions or agents workshops. It’s tough but you can make it happen! I got my agent through an audition. You never know when you get the chance to show off your talent. So better be prepared!




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