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A fresh start in L.A.

hollywood-signEight years ago I went to L.A. for the first time. For me it was magical back then. I was 19 years old and wanted to see the city I was always dreaming about. The so-called “City of Angels”, my new destination should soon become my new home.

At that time I stayed at a friends place in West Hollywood. She was an actress and model and the only person I knew back then. She was a sweetheart and took me to so many places, her auditions, callbacks and even shootings to the Universal backlot. As a 19-year-old everything was so new to me. I came from a small city with one cinema and some ice cream parlors – that’s it. Picturing me in such a huge city was always somehow magical.

For a small town girl as I am it’s the most exciting thing to go get out of your natural environment,  see lots of different places and meet people from all around the world. Los Angeles is a great place to be: a melting pot of creative and open-minded workoholics as I am and I am excited to being a part of it now.


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