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In L.A. anything can happen. You can sit in a restaurant slurping your iced chai latte and suddenly Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy in “Pitch Perfect”) walks into the room. Or you walk past a cafe and see Al Pacino chilling on the sofa having lunch. OR you could go watch a movie at the theatre and David Schwimmer (Ross from “Friends”) passes you.

In this city everything’s possible: You can meet Mischa Barton at a party, you can get into a random talk about directions with a well-known director or you can just happen to meet a huge industry person while walking out your dogs. That’s L.A., baby!

The fun thing about meeting so many people you know from watching Film and Television is that you are never really sure if the person in the other corner of the room really is the person. I constantly catch myself scrutinizing bits and pieces of this person’s appearance, mimic and gesture, trying to collecting breadcrumps to unwind the mystery of “is she or is she not..”.

So I am sitting in my corner of the comfy futon watching this person behaving like a normal person, probably having lunch with her agent or publicist. At some point I am always catching myself starring at this person’s face to see if anything is giving her away. If you come to that very same point with your observations, stop! It won’t get better. So I just let go of the fact that I might never know if this person really is the person I think she is.  Usually they reveal themselves in this very moment – something gives them away. Hah! I am thinking in my mind and I am pleased to go back to my very own To-do-list for the day!


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