Feel good treats

Be my Valentine’s <3

valentine4Today is Valentine’s day and I decided to write a post to let you know that  I am not only thinking about the people in my close environment but also about you, guys, who are following me on this journey.

For today I have a little treat for you:

No matter, where you are right now, how you feel, or what you do:

Start investing in yourself!

What does this mean? It’s pretty simple and tremendously important for everything you do in your life. We tend to say “wow” to people we don’t know but admire. We enjoy listening to great stories of friends and say: “That’s amazing! You are a go-getter! You are doing something with your life!” Why for once can’t we just hold still for a second and say “wow” to ourselves, pat ourselves on the back while honestly saying “Well done!” or even admitting to ourselves: “Hey!  I am a go-getter! I am doing something with my life!” I can tell you why: We are constantly so involved of trying to live up to our own (or other people’s expectations) that we don’t enjoy the path. We don’t look into the mirror to find the things that we like about us but trying to discover the blemishes and pimples of our lives that make us “not pretty enough”, “not successful enough”, “not …not…not”.

Guys, let’s give ourselves a break! Nobody needs a “boooooohhhhh” person right next to him all the time. But what all of us do need is a cheerleader: Somebody that tells you that you are pretty enough, good enough, successful enough. So why not being your own personal cheerleader? Once you stop beating yourself up, but padding yourself constantly on the shoulder when having accomplished something great (or even a small thing!) you will enjoy the satisfaction from this alteration of your mindset! (And yeah, everybody does something well, so don’t tell me: “But I am a complete failure! I am doing nothing right! – Eeeeeeerrrrr- not true!)

Just try it and see how it will change your self confidence.

Have a great valentine’s day! ❤


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